Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Statistics Bulletin

Some people have asked me to share some statistics for this blog, so here goes. 

Since June 28th (the day this blog was plugged into Google Analytics), we've had 

  •  over 40,000  hits,
  • from 10,192 unique visitors, 
  • from 103 countries,
  • speaking 45 languages. 

(over) 99 countries but Greenland ain't one

Over the last fortnight, we've had visitors from 43 countries, including Cambodia and Oman.

Our top 10 city list:

As you can see from this very scientific Pie Chart, 50% of our traffic is from Chrome, 30% Safari and 14% firefox. IE takes 5%.
We've also had visitors from internal Google, Apple and Facebook IP addresses, which is pretty cool.

Feel free to shoot any questions to

(Update: 9/25 - numbers updated)

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